Mission-Focused Staff Augmentation


J29 has proven to be able to scale to mission-critical demands, by leveraging our staff augmentation business unit. Our team understands that nothing disrupts a program, project, or process more than the unexpected loss of staff, which is why we prioritize our recruitment, training, and retention strategies to meet the demands of government focuses.



J29 continues to excel in mission-focused staff augmentation by having a process model that maintains a supply of readily available labor, while understanding roadblocks that agencies need staff augmentation support to fix, such as:

Handling program demand fluctuations that require a higher need of time and effort in a quick period of time
Responsibility to quickly implement newly enacted legislations
Urgently pivoting mission focuses to be aligned State and Federal Laws, Policies, and Acts.
Accomplishing Fiscal Year priorities prior to the respective fiscal year funding expirations
Supporting critical timelines and mission focuses



J29 understands that even though we are augmenting government staff with our own, we must still prioritize our ability to recruit, train, and retain our staff. Retention enables us to provide local, state, and federal agencies with a more experienced, technically skilled, and productive team that has a deep understanding of needs. Additionally, it prevents the disruption that an unplanned departure creates for the team’s cohesiveness, operating rhythm, and workload. Simply stated, to prevent turnover impact on programs, we must target how we engage the people operations teams between both J29 and the respective Agency.