Case Analysis

J29 Case Analysis Process

Secure Data Intake

Meet security requirements for handling of PHI / PII, we ensure proper extraction, and data loading into case management systems

Health and Human-Service Claims Analytics

Ensuring data meets compliance and eligibility requirements based on agency standards

Consultations & RFI Processing

Consulting with all involved parties (i.e beneficiaries, patients, consumers, agents, payers, etc.) on Requests for Information (RFI)

Multi-Level SME Review

Multi-step reviews are conducted with expert level staff holding industry-recognized credentials and certifications

Quality Analysis

QA review prior to reaching the conclusion stage of the analysis

Conclusion of Data & Findings

Reach a final result on the analysis process, and issue the findings after quality review

J29 is specialized and mainly focused in conducting analysis on various types of health, and human care records, claims, and cases for State and Federal agencies. By prioritizing quality and timely process models in our analysis, we are able to handle volume fluctuations of increasing and decreasing amounts of data.

To date, J29 has maintained a quality performance average of 99.65% on over 120,000 (as of Nov. 2022) claims, cases, and records analyzed.


Audited Quality Assurance Contract Average

Quality Analysis


In handling the data within claims, cases, and records, it’s critical for our team to operate with the idea of prioritizing quality delivery. Through the extraction, intake, analysis, determination, quality auditing, and decision issuance stages, our goal is to maintain a quality goal exceeding 95% accuracy of our quality audits. To measure this, J29 audits all analysis that has been done against a 45-point process gate review to ensure that we are consistent in quality delivery, no matter what the mission of the government program is.

Innovative Analysis


J29 focuses on innovating labor-intensive processes in the analysis stages by leveraging innovative technologies such as; Case Management Automation, RPA, and when applicable – AI. Innovative technologies allow us to better allocate the time and effort of our staff, by alleviating the labor-intensive and redundant tasks away from their responsibilities. By providing our team support in repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, we are able to better allocate their focus towards quality and timely delivery.

Analysis Experience


J29 and its staff brings a combined 20+ years of experience handling data related to:

Risk Adjustment Data Validation (RADV)

Medicare Fee-for-Service (Part A and B)

Medicare Advantage (Part C)

Medicare Drug Coverages (Part D)

Qualified Health, and Dental Plans (QHP & QDP)

Medicare Supplemental Insurance (MediGap)

Medicare Set-Aside (MSA)

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP)



Through this experience, we hold industry certifications such as: MSCC, CCM, ACM, CCMP, CPDM, RN, LPN, CMGT-BC.