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Our Purpose

Giving back or as we like to say, “blessing others”, is not just something we say – it’s who we are and the reason J29 was originally founded. This foundation of helping others has driven our success, and provided our employees with a greater sense of purpose for their work.

“To whom much is given, much is expected”

This means that if we are blessed with talents, knowledge, time, wealth, or creativity, then it is expected that we use these gifts to benefit others. For this reason, J29 tithes our earnings directly back to a different non- profit or community effort. Some of our efforts have included supporting the following organizations:



The Nikki Healy
Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Nikki Healy Scholarship fund was created in 2022 by Tracy Mills, the President and Founder of J29. Tracy was touched and inspired by Nikki’s public battle with cancer. Nikki’s perspective on life, humor, strength, and deep faith captured the hearts of thousands all over the country. Tracy felt that the scholarship fund would create an avenue for Nikki’s legacy to continue while blessing those who were fighting similar battles. To read more about the scholarship visit the Nikki Healy Scholarship page.