Who we are

Who we are

About J29 Inc.

J29 was created by Tracy Mills to fill a void that she saw in the government contracting world – a truly people centric, value driven, quality partner that consistently over delivered. Equally important and fundamental to the creation of J29 was giving back and supporting people in the community.

Making company culture the main priority ensures employees satisfaction and retention. We believe in empowering employees to do great things. When you invest in your people, and focus on creating a healthy work life balance, then your employees will take care of your customers and make sure they are happy. One of our sayings is “Work Hard and Be Nice to People” – it really is that simple.

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“Work hard and be nice to people – it’s that simple”


J29 is an employee-centric company. Our vision is that by putting people first we attract the best and brightest within our industry, while creating a culture of innovation and integrity. Considering our employees as an extension of family, we believe in empowering employees to do great things.


Our mission is to empower our employees to do great things for the benefit of others.

J29 tithes our earnings to non-profits or community efforts. All of our work directly benefits others.



With an employee-focused approach, our mission is to empower our team to bring revolutionary ways of innovating technology to the public sector. Through innovation, we remain invested in valuable research and development that is ready to answer the call, even as we prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

Meaning Behind “J29”


J29 was named from the biblical verse, Jeremiah 29:11. This verse highlights a future of prosperity and hope, which is the backbone to our vision and mission at J29.


Giving back or as we like to say, “blessing others”, is not just something we say -it’s who we are and the reason J29 was originally founded. This foundation of helping others has driven our success, and provided our employees with a greater sense of purpose for their work.


What our partners say about us

“It’s refreshing to work with a company that is based on integrity. J29 is different and they do it right.”

“Good people, great leadership and quality work.”

“J29 brings the knowledge and value that we have been searching for. They are not just a partner but rather a trusted partner who delivers on time and under budget.”